• Unclear Speech

  • Articulation 

  • Phonology

  • Motor Speech Impairment

  • Stuttering

Our ABA after school programs focus on developing core reading. writing and math skills combined with home work completion.  Our executive function programs offer strategies and tools to help students learn to plan, organize and become more independent learners.


Whether a child has a ADHD, a learning disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder, difficulties with paying attention in class, processing spoken language, understanding the language of instruction and executive functioning can significantly impact on a child's ability to learn and function at school.  Without direct one to one instruction and support children on the autism spectrum fall further and further behind their peers with the passage of time.

My Child Speech & ABA Therapy offers individualized academic support and home schooling programs during school and after school hours to help students meet their academic potential.  Our home schooling programs are designed to foster the development of key academic skills as well as provide  students with self-help and self-monitoring strategies to help them become more independent learners.  Our individual education plans target a variety of skills including but not limited to the following: language, academics, listening and social skills.

ABA Home Schooling

​​​​Our holistic approach to treatment goes beyond conventional aba therapy.  We draw from a variety of evidence based approaches to autism treatment including aba therapy, speech therapy and natural developmental behaviour intervention with results that are evident. Parents save valuable time and expense with no need to transport their child for daily or weekly therapy. 

  • Listening Skills
  • Following Directions
  • Decoding
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • ​Social Skills

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Many children on the spectrum benefit from aba therapy to help with successful transitioning to school.  Our school readiness programs focus on developing vital skills including language comprehension, following directions, answering questions and task completion to help children function within the classroom.

 ABA intervention has been shown to be more effective when provided within the child's natural environment.  ABA Treatment at home, day care or school offers many advantages over centre based programs children lack exposure to appropriate peer models.  Our therapists provide treatment in collaboration with parents and educators, to foster the development of meaningful communication, social skills and life skills within the context of the child's natural environment. 

​​​Children who begin speaking late may continue to lag behind their peers in language and be at greater risk for academic and reading difficulties once they start school.  Challenges with reading are also fairly common among children with average language skills.  Difficulty with decoding and reading comprehension impacts on a child's ability understand the school curriculum as well as their performance on written tests and assignments.

Our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists provide in home language and literacy assessments to identify areas of need and provide customized treatment programs to help children experiencing difficulties with the following:

ABA Therapy in the Safety of Your Home

ABA Therapy & Behaviour Consultation 



ABA Therapy

Behaviour Consultation

Parent training

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Social Skills Programs

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Assessment & Treatment at Your Home, School & Day Care.

After School Programs

For many children with ASD, social skills must first be taught and practiced within the therapy setting before they can expected to generalize these skills with other people at home and in the community. Contact our care co-ordinator for more information on how we support social skills development at home.

Is your child having difficulty with his/her speech, language or literacy development? We are here to help!

 Developing Minds ABA Therapy is an approved provider of in home aba therapy services for children in communities across Ontario.  Evidence based practice shows that therapy provided within the context of the child's natural learning environment and daily routines where parents can be directly involved is more effective.  Following the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more parents are switching to home based therapy where they can feel confident about their child's safety.  Our therapists offer family focused care and collaborate with parents, teachers and caregivers to help children develop functional skills with special focus on language, communication, social interaction and academic learning.  The health and safety of our clients and therapists is paramount and we are following best practice procedures to ensure that therapy is provided with appropriate measures and protocols in place. 

Speech Therapy for Autism

Experience the benefits of evidence based aba therapy provided within your child's natural learning environment.  Research shows that aba therapy is more effective when provided in a naturalistic environment where parents can also be directly involved versus in a simulated clinical setting.

Child & Family Focused Therapy

In the Comfort & Safety of Your Home.

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Our paediatric focused Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech therapy and language therapy to address a broad range of issues including difficulties with the following:

ABA Home Schooling Program

  • Sound symbol awareness

  • Phonological Awaress

  • Decoding

  • Sight word recognition

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Spelling

  • Written Language

Speech Therapy Programs

School Readiness Programs

d e v e l o p i n g  m i n d s 

Reading & Writing

​​​​​​​​Our holistic approach to treatment for autism goes beyond conventional aba therapy.  We draw from a variety of evidence based approaches to autism treatment including aba therapy, speech therapy and natural developmental behaviour intervention with results that are evident. Parents save valuable time and expense with no need to transport their child for daily or weekly therapy. 

​We focus on intervention within the child's natural environment rather than at a centre where children lack exposure to appropriate peer models.  Treatment is provided in collaboration with parents and educators, to foster the development of meaningful communication, social skills and life skills within the context of the child's real world.  Individualized aba therapy programs focus on a wide range of skills which may include the following:

  • listening skills

  • following directions

  • language & communication skills

  • answering questions

  • conversation skills

  • social & play skills

  • ​reading & writing

  • toileting & personal hygiene​

Speech & Language Therapy Services

Left untreated, Speech-Language delays and disorders can affect your child’s ability to interact with others and his/her quality of life. A communication difficulty can limit your child’s educational and career potential and affect the child every day of his or her life. 

Home Schooling

  • Language Delay

  • Weak vocabulary

  • Grammar & Syntax

  • Answering questions

  • Story telling

  • ​Conversation skills

Many children who experience difficulties with attending and working independently at school are able to learn more readily with one to one instruction provided in a home schooling program.  We offer individualized home schooling programs to help your child advance in language, academic and social skills.

A B A  T h e r a p y   f o r   A u t i s m   a t   Y o u r   H o m e 

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Our licensed speech-language pathologists offer assessment and therapy services for children in the comfort of your child's home or daycare. We treat a variety of common speech-language concerns including difficulties with: unclear speech, language delay, reading, listening, and social skills.

ABA Therapy at Your Home

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School Readiness & Life Skills

Parents often assume their child on the spectrum will improve once they start school, have more exposure to other children and receive support from school educators.  While some improvement may be apparent, the public school system does not provide one to one education based on aba principles which have proven to be most effective in teaching children with autism.  The proper acquisition of school readiness skills requires step by step guidance and practice before a child may be ready to learn and function within the classroom at their true potential.  

My Child Speech & ABA Therapy offers school readiness programs to help children on the spectrum acquire the precursory skills required for learning and functioning in the classroom setting.  Half day and full day aba therapy programs are available at home or daycare to better prepare your child for transitioning to school.

Play & Social Skills

​​Many children on the Autism Spectrum struggle with joint attention, social skills and interactive play.  Quite often, they prefer watching t.v., playing on a tablet or solitary play over interactive play activities that involve sharing, turn taking, structured play, pretend play or role play.  Since much of their time is spent 'in their own world' and playing alone rather than interacting with others, they do not learn language, develop  socially or benefit from daycare or school in the same manner as typically developing children.  When social and play skills are impaired, the development of other skills such as language comprehension and expressive communication is hindered.

My Child Speech & ABA Therapy offers programs in greater Toronto that focus on teaching children the joy of social interaction, functional play and interactive play.  Particular emphasis is given to teaching the necessary turn taking, play language and step by step play routines that need to be in place before a child is ready to practice and generalize these skills with other children during play dates or at school.